Client Comments

Barbara did an excellent job helping us sell our home on the west side of Danville.  She was aggressive in marketing, and advertised in and outside the San Ramon Valley to reach all potential buyers.  She had excellent negotiation skills, and represented us even in the buyer's inspections.  We were out of town when, 5 days after the broker tour, we got an offer.  She managed the paperwork, we communicated a lot by phone, and during the time when the buyers can change their minds, she still held open houses so other potential buyers could become a backup buyer.  I am pleased to recommend her strongly as the listing agent for your home.    The Andersons
 When my mother died, Barbara found estate sale companies,identified what we needed to do to make the house the most sale-able without spending a fortune, met contractors to get bids for the paint and carpet to maximize the potential value.  She organized the staging, developed a great marketing plan, held open houses for neighbors and agents, and we got an offer quickly.  The sale went smoothly and she got the job done.  Chuck and Karlyn
 When we needed to buy a house,  we had very specific needs.  She knocked on doors, found houses that had been on the market in the past but didn't sell, found "for sale by owner" houses, and with excellent negotiating skills, we got the house for substantially below asking price.  She was there for all the inspections and meeting of contractors. She took the stress out of the equation and made it easy.  She has a positive "can do" personality and made the whole thing a great experience.    The Fralicks
Thank you, Barbara, for taking care of us and making things happen, We knew it could be stressful to sell a house, but you went the extra mile to take care of all the headaches, and did a great job communicating with us, and we appreciate it.  I'm sure the other sellers in our area wish they had listed with you! The Fattah family
Barbara is an absolute jewel of a Realtor.  She brought in people to help move my mother's belongings,and found reliable contractors to refinish the floors, paint and prepare the house for sale.  She didn't just recommend taking the highest offer, she encouraged me to negotiate with several offers and I know we got the highest price.  She constantly let me know the status of what was happening (especially nice since I live out of the area) and helped me cope with the difficulties and emotional roller coaster in selling the house.  I would highly recommend her!  Kay
I loved the house I grew up in, but also knew that there were issues with the house that could make it difficult to sell.  She was referred to me, and I live about 2 hours away, so I really appreciated Barbara sending me the photos of similar properties that were listed, for finding the contractors to do enough work to make the house desirable and move-in ready but not doing a full-scale remodel.  She even found pictures of a house with the same floor plan where they had done a big remodel, and she posted those in my house so people could "see" what it could become.  We got offers, and while emotionally it was tough, she handled the paperwork and us carefully and with understanding. I don't use email, so she always called to explain what she had sent and to talk it through so I understood.  I'll definitely hire her again when it is time to sell our other house in the area.  You won't go wrong if you go with Barbara.   Dennis
We moved here from Indiana, and met Barbara at an open house. We knew nothing about the area, but Barbara showed Tom all the areas that had houses in our price range since I had to stay back to complete my work and school year.  She sent pictures of the neighborhoods that Tom thought would work, and together we decided to focus on just a couple of areas.  When I was able to come look at houses, Barbara showed me all the neighborhoods - just to be sure.  When I was suffering from sticker shock and had a melt-down, Barbara was there to take care of me.  She shared that she had the same thing when she moved back to the bay area from another state, and that really helped.  She told us the good things about the neighborhoods, and the not so good things; she told us what the locals say about each neighborhood so that we would not be surprised when we heard it.  She allowed us to find the right neighborhood for us - she never once said "You don't want to live there."  And we really appreciated that - we knew we were in the right place for us.  We ended up in a fabulous house, in a lovely neighborhood, and could not have been happier living there.  It's tough to move to California from other areas, and we are so blessed to have found Barbara.  Tammy
I am pretty fussy, and like things just right with no waves.  The selling process isn't really like that, because there are inspections, the buyers asked for some repairs, and the buyer can back out any time until the loan is approved, and the emotional roller-coaster was hard.  But Barbara was a great psychologist, and let me vent, and handled the situations with tact and great negotiating skills.  I would definitely recommend her to help you sell,  Andy
Your recommendations for negotiating with all the offers resulted in our getting $28,000 more than we would have, had we just accepted the top offer.  She represented us as if it were her own house, and made sure that the other buyers didn't just walk away.  We know we got the highest possible price, and we sold quickly.  I am a broker and could have sold it myself, but I am so glad we used Barbara.  I recommend her to anyone moving into or out of the Bay Area.  Adam
Barbara's expertise and advice in how to submit an offer and how to write it helped us get the house we wanted, even in a multiple offer situation.  The market was crazy, but her techniques and preparation we are sure are what made the difference - because our offer was NOT the highest,  I heard some of her clients say when they sold, they know they got the highest possible price.  Well, when we bought, we know we got it for the lowest possible price.  Lynda and Dan
Our first agent didn't really return calls promptly, and it was always her assistant or another agent at our broker's tour and open houses.  The house didn't sell.  Barbara had shown the house a few times, and so we called her to see what she would do.  We were very impressed that she called us right back, that she texted my wife but emailed me - the way we wanted it - and that she was there at the tour and the open houses.  We know she has a team behind her, but she was our contact and we knew that she was looking out for our house and money as if it were her own.  We were successful in selling, and we were really glad we used her.