Thinking of Moving? Some Tips

Thinking of making a move in 2017? Here are a few tips to make the moving easier

1. Plan ahead. When do you want to be out? Houses under $2.0 mil took about 75 days in 2016 from start to close (about 2-3 weeks marketing time and 45 days for escrow) plus 2-3 weeks prior for photos, staging, pre-marketing. Houses over $2.0 million generally took longer. So if you want to be out by June 1, you should sign the listing agreement around March 1.

2.  Everything takes longer than you think. Pictures will be moved or removed by the stager, so the walls may need painting. When you pick up the rugs to make the rooms look larger, the hardwood may need touchup. So take a good look around now, while you have time to get ready, rather than a week before you want to be on the market.
3. Pack it up! Start now, and label the boxes on the side for where you want them to go in the new location. The boxes get stacked so you won’t be able to see the top. Colored labels make the move-in process faster. Use one color for each room in the new location, or one color for things that will stay in storage and another color for boxes you want delivered immediately.
4.  No hazards allowed! Use your lawn care products and household chemicals and save what the new owners may find helpful, like newer cans of current paint colors. In Contra Costa County,go to the  Central CC County solid waste website at to find where to take each category. Most moving companies will not take aerosols, poisons, open bags of fertilizers, paint, etc.
5. Eat up! Now is the time to use up the food in your freezers and pantry, those almost-empty condiments and other foods that may spoil. You’ll have some interesting meals and can start fresh in your new home.
6. Save one box labeled “Open First!” Keep this box in your car, or make sure the movers know to take this one last and bring it out first. This box should have a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, coffee maker and some coffee, cups, a knife and scissors, small first-aid kit, hand soap, paper and pen, and anything else you think you may need in your new location before you have a chance to unpack (aspirin?). Keep your prescription medicines with you.
7. Leave a few things behind. The new owners will appreciate a fresh roll of toilet paper and paper towels, hand soap, a list of numbers for your house-cleaning service, gardener, and any other service providers you think the new owner would appreciate.