Over Age 55 Living Options

If You are Over 55 and Ready to Move, Where can You Go?

Barbara Wilson, SRES, Realtor DRE #01404824

Many older homeowners find one day their friends are no longer near, and caring for themselves and the house is more difficult. Making the decision to move can be difficult. But when the decision is made, the next question is Where?

In general, Active or Independent Living may be apartments, condos, or detached houses, designed for those who are able to care for themselves. Activities like planned tours or hiking, swimming or biking clubs may be offered. There are many communities nearby, from downtown locations to vineyards or golf-course communities.

Assisted Living generally incudes meal service, well-checks and laundry. Help with daily living like bathing, dressing, grooming, transportation and administering medicines may also be offered. These facilities abound in our area. Many offer several levels of care, so it is possible to stay in one place longer.

Memory Care is a specialized offering and most have different levels of assistance. There are fewer of these locally than assisted living, but the number of facilities is continually rising.

Respite Care is short-term care for those who may have a regular caregiver at home who is on vacation, or a person transitioning from the hospital back home. At least 2 assisted living locations offer this, and I’m sure there are more.

Lifetime, or Continuing Care facilities include everything from independent living to end-of-life care. Assisted living may be in one building, memory care in a wing and another building on the same site may have skilled nursing or rehabilitation care. It allows couples to stay at the same place and in familiar surroundings with one’s friends even as needs change.

If you are interested in the names of some of the communities I found, just send me an email. The I would suggest a visit. Each has its own ambience, from the vineyards to downtown Walnut Creek, golf-course communities, converted houses and well-known national names. There are many options for staying local when you are ready to do things you love and only a visit will help you make the decision that is right for you.